The book I wish had been available when I met bitcoin – D Opperman

With his encyclopaedic grasp of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, aided by his long involvement with the internet, as well as his training in computer science, Andreas Antonopoulos can rightfully be described as the “Carl Sagan and Alvin Toffler rolled into one” of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Just as Sagan brought complex cosmological theory to regular people, and Toffler extrapolated future trends from current realities, so Antonopoulos, with The Internet of Money, explains the Byzantine intricacies of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies so that non-technical people can understand what the hell this is all about.

But he doesn’t stop there. Having explained what it’s about, he then presents a compelling and, I believe, prescient vision of where this is all going. I have been a bitcoin enthusiast since early 2013. Since then I have read literally hundreds of articles and all of the books published on the subject.

The Internet of Money is the one I wish I had been able to read when I first got involved. I would have been saved a lot of time and money and spared much confusion and misconception.