An entertaining and informative collection of talks on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – M. Howard

When I dove down the rabbit hole of Bitcoin in late 2013, Andreas’ YouTube talks and podcasts pulled me further in, and this book is a compilation of these entertaining and informative talks. The source videos are well worth watching, and this book is a good complement to them. His engaging speaking style comes through on the page, and his enthusiasm about the technical, economic, and societal changes that are possible with the invention of decentralized consensus protocols is infectious.

Beyond the more pragmatic applications of cryptocurrency for the millions of unbanked around the world, Andreas also waxes philosophic on deeper topics such as the history of money, the role cryptocurrency can play for individual sovereignty and privacy, and the implications of currency as language, where currency transfer is, at root, an expression of value akin to speech.

When I read these edited and updated transcripts, I hear them in his voice, which only makes me want to watch the linked videos all over again. This compilation is a great resource to be read, re-read, gifted, and shared with family and friends. It provides a uniquely accessible take on a mind-bendingly abstract system, and is perfect for those with a casual or budding interest in the field of cryptocurrency.